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Babe's School of Wrestling

Ever wanted to wrestle around with a GLOWGIRL?

Like Al Bundy tried with Babe & Hollywood on the hit T.V. show Married with Children? Well unlike Unlucky AL now you have your shot with Babe in the Woods!

Heavy demand has brought Babe, the Farmer’s Daughter off the farm and back into the wrestling ring! And guess what? She wants to take it out on someone just like YOU! Careful! I think she may still have her daddy’s gun and I’m not talking Billy! Although she does have a few Pumpkins to Smash around!

So take your shot and e-mail or call GLOW for pricing and scheduling!

Please Note:

Serious inquires only.

All custom matches will be supervised by a professional trainer at the world famous Ric Drasin’s School of Wrestling!

Location is in Sherman Oaks, California. Live outside of the L.A. area? That’s O.K! Just take that weekend getaway and hop into the ring with The Farmer’s Daughter!



Phone: 1-323-867-8572 Ask for Babe

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