Ursula Hayden

Ursula Hayden who portrayed Babe, the Farmers Daughter on the original 80s GLOW - Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling television series, is the owner since 2001 of the company and is a series consultant on GLOW Netflix.

Ursula Hayden


Ursula Hayden Southern California's Perfect Teen Pageant

Ursula Hayden born (Ursa Bamby Hayden March, 8, 1966) is a wrestler, actress, model, trainer, and business women. She was involved in gymnastics and modeling from a very young age. She did modeling jobs for stores such as Sirkka T Fashion and Beno's Department Store. 

 When Hayden was 17 years old she won first place in Southern California's Miss Perfect Teen Pageant. 

Ursula Hayden studio shoot

 Hayden then joined GLOW Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling for Season 2, portraying Babe the Farmer’s Daughter, the Princess of Darkness, and Donna Matrix. She also was in the television show POWW Powerful Women of Wrestling as the character Goldie Ray. She then went on to guest star in shows such Married With Children, Family Feud, and the movie Hard Time on Planet Earth.

Ursula Hayden signing autographs

 Since taking over the GLOW ownership in 2001 Hayden has been working hard. Her first venture with GLOW was a sold out 2003 live event at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, California and then a live wrestling show with original GLOW wrestlers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

 Then in 2012 she worked on the award winning documentary The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and in 2017 partnered with Netflix on creating a all new GLOW show.  She now serves as a series consultant on GLOW Netflix.